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just a girl. in love.

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i finally did it.

i broke down.

i decided to ignore the little voice in my head that said “you already spend too much time on the computer" and here I am, preparing to becoming addicted to yet another website.

blogging.  interesting concept; let you’re feelings out for all to read. kinda theraputic, yet makes you so vulnerable.

i guess i’ll use this as a way to express myself.  i’ll write about how i always have a tendency to feel bad for someone in the wrong, or explode on people who just “don’t get it yet”, or just use it to creep on all you lovely citizens of tumblr <3

call me a hypocrite. call me gramatically incorrect.  call me politically ignorant. call me a Jesus freak. say what you want. you won’t change me and what i believe. 

so, hello tumblr world.  i predict it’s going to be a bumpy ride, hold on tight.  life is crazy, and short.

   say what you want

      embrace how you feel

         if you love someone, tell them

                                                                                         peace and love

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on an island in the sun
we&#8217;ll be playing and having fun
and it makes me feel so fine
i can&#8217;t control my brain

on an island in the sun

we’ll be playing and having fun

and it makes me feel so fine

i can’t control my brain